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why me!?

A general question, what the fuck am I doing wrong?
how is it that I seem to be losing all my friends at once?
I keep asking people close to me what is it about me, that bothers them, they say there isn't anything that I do or say that offends them so what am I doing thats so horrible to my friends that they wont even talk to me?
*scratching my head*

I try to be good to the people I care about around me everyday, I'm so honest..it's pathetic. I wear my heart on my sleeve and YOU walk all over it. What more do you want. I really don't get why none of you will call. If I knew what I was doing so wrong, I would fess up I would take full responsibility for my faults.

the spitful side of me says fuck you don't need them.
I'm having a hard time letting so many people go at once
once I do let go, you'll become another walking dead person to me.
I'll have more strength, I'll be more carful, it will take a long time for me to trust anyone/
I feel let down. What happened to being there for eachother?
I'm extremely lost in what I want to do with my life right now.

Each day it will get easier to forget about the people that (cared) about me so much.
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