LeahBean. (darq_one) wrote,

Challenge me if this is worng

If you dress SEXY, he says you're a SLUT
If you DONT, he says you're a NERD
If you ARGUE with him, he says you're STUBBORN
If you're QUIET, he says you're STUPID
If you're LOUD, he says you're OBNOXIOUS
If you CALL him, he says you're NEEDY and CLINGY
If he CALLS you, he says you "should be GRATEFUL"
If you don't LOVE him, he'll try to win YOU
If you LOVE him, he'll LEAVE you
If you don't SCREW him, he'll say you don't LOVE him
If you DO, he'll say you're EASY
If you tell him your PROBLEMS, he'll say you're IRRITATING
If you DON'T, he'll say you don't TRUST him
If you LECTURE him, he'll say you're B*ITCHY
If he lectures YOU, it's because he 'CARES for you'
If you break a PROMISE, you can't be TRUSTED
If HE breaks it, he HAD to
If you CHEAT on him, he expects it to be OVER
If HE cheats, he expects to be given another CHANCE.
-Author Unknown
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