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what the fuck is going on man. where do i go from here. im so lost.
sad things happening and im supposed to carry on!!...thats life. I dont know how liz does it. she just feels like she should be dead already. there's a reason she's her. I dont blame her for feeling like that. its so hard to keep the faith. i can only do so much. i wish i could give my family food in the cupboard all the time. let alone pay their heat bill, we always seem to manage just fine. rough times.
I wish i could sleep already pass this hard time away of waiting to move. its so stressful. i can't function. i need a drink. i need out of here and yet im so scared to move ahead. its so much easier to stay here together happy. .."happy'
I want to run away to a happy place without all of these life rules. i just want to love him forever.
he's the one i want to want. sigh, ill get through this. somehow.
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